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Thai Dragon
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The Thai Dragon wordt veelvuldig in de Thaise keuken gebruikt. De plant kan 100 – 140 cm groot worden. De plant kan vele pepers dragen en zijn erg heet. Ze kleuren van groen naar levendig rood en worden ongeveer 6 cm lang.

Soort: Capsicum  Anuum

Naam: Thai Dragon


Korte omschrijving:

Aantal: 10 zaden
Scoville Units: 75.000 ~ 140.000

Capsicum Annuum
Zeer heet
Bekende pepers:
Per toepassing:
Aantal zaden:
Scoville units:
75000 - 140000

  • 4

    Fast growth, extremely productive and good heat, but lacks unique flavor.

    I ordered these in early May for next year, but decided to try one seed and also skip a transplant step. Plant date was May 21st. The seed was planted after soaking in lukewarm water for 6 hours, and soaked up nicely. It was planted in bagged vegetable soil with 20% perlite mixed in into a 350ml carton coffee cup. Germination took around 11 days at 23°C room temperature. Early growth was relatively slow, possibly because it put more energy into growing its root system first. By June 30th, it had 14 true leaves and was about 15cm tall. It got very thirsty in its container. It was transplanted up into a 8l pot an hardened off within a week. I also hit it once shortly after with 6-5-7 NPK fertilizer and occasionally sprayed it with a calcium solution. Growth then really took off, both in height and width. The plant was not topped, the first Y-Split is at 20cm. In total, the Plant grew to 50cm in height and width with a beautiful canopy. It had its first blossoming flower in mid July, quickly followed by many more all over its canopy. It is a ridiculous producer, despite its relatively small size and pot, setting dozens of pods, probably close to 100 now. It also remained thirsty. The first ripe Pod was fully red on September 25th, almost exacly 4 months from seed. The pods are very small, only around 5cm in length and wrinkly, though with a smooth skin texture. The heat is considerable, nothing that will shock someone who eats chilies on the regular, but something that will definitely give a kick to any dish. I think they'd make great flakes or powder. They do, however, have almost no recognizable Aroma or Taste, being very neutral on their own. Again, that won't matter much in dishes where the flavor comes from other ingredients, but eaten raw, it's a bit of a let down. There's plenty of flavourful alternatives in the mid-10k range. Overall: A great looking and growing plant. It grows very fast, even in the hands of a newbie like me, and produces like crazy, while still staying compact, making them a great option for new growers, short seasons or limited space. I do have to deduct a point for the lack of flavor, but again, to simply spice things up, they will be a great choice. And if Kilroy is to be believed, they'd keep producing after the first harvest. Too bad the cold hit this early in Switzerland.

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    Reminds me of Boonie Peppers on Guam.

    These have a pretty good heat and they really put out a lot of peppers. They can replace the picked in 2-3 weeks but will shut down if left on the plant.

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